Learn how customers feel about your service

Create custom feedback forms to learn how customers feel about your service. Improve your dining experience with a positive feedback loop.

Improve your service and dining experience

Actively collecting positive feedback

Good feedback can lead to an improved online reputation, attracting more customers and boosting the restaurant's reputation.

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Create custom forms

Focus on specific aspects such as ambiance, staff interactions, or waiting time. This targeted feedback helps you pinpoint areas for improvement.

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Encourage positive reviews on Google

Filter out negative reviews by only prompting happy customers to leave a positive review on Google and other platsforms.

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Convivio has ensured my team is not overworked, resources are used optimally, and less time is wasted on operational confusion.

Monica Fernandez, Marketing Director


But wait, there is more...

Automatic Translation

Make it easy for your foreign customers to order by offering a menu in their language. Enable automatic translation in 10 languages with just a single click.

Expose your brand

Implement your branding by adding your logo, colour, adjusting buttons and add a video background. Make your menu consistent with your brand.

Tablet menu

Let your customers browse your menu on a larger tablet screen, trully full-screen and fully compatible with any modern tablet.

Festive Themes

New Year's menu, Halloween or Christmas? Activate the theme of your choice and create temporary menus to cover your events.

Analytic Dashboard

Get all key statistics about your customers and turn them into actionable insights and reports, right on your phone or tablet.


Integrate Convivio with more than 100 marketing and CRM applications and softwares. Create engaging email compaigns, share them with your existing customers, and increase the return rate by 40%.

How will you use Convivio?

Create Your Digital Menu Now and Increase your average Ticket Size by 30%.